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Fake News Podcast / 28th Nov 5pm

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  • The Sunday Roast / 29th Nov 5pm

  • With Mark Scanlon / 2nd Dec 5pm

    Paul Smith talks to Mark Scanlon

    Full edited episode will be released at a later date. Catch all Podcast recording live streams and an extra weekly podcast episode exclusively on Hot Water On Demand.

    Tune in on Facebook for a live Q&A before the podcast recording begins.

  • Paul Smith - Changed LIVE - 7pm

    A LIVE Streaming of Paul's latest tour show to bring the 20/21 tour to a close.

    A lot has changed for Paul in recent years.

    Join him for his 3rd and largest ever tour of the UK and Ireland as he once again mixes sharp, hilarious stories from his life with his trademark off the cuff wit.